ПВХ напорное водоснабжение Труба Без Свинца

In 1960's, pipes made by PVC material started to be used as that were healthyi light, resistant to corrosion and easy installation properties instead of carcinogenicasbestos pipes.

However, stabilizaters which contents some chemicals are used to maintain frum high tempreture during the production process of PVC pipes. The heavy metal ingredients always exist as a thereat to health, altough the effect of the stabilizers to the drinking water remains in the limits defined in Food Codex.

European Community has applied protective actions in this manner like their pionerr roles in other fields.

Calcium-Zinc based PVC pipes has been considered as the best altarnative for drinking water applications since they do not consist of heavy metals which are a thread to human health in their content.

"The Toxics Use Reduction Institute" defined Calcium-Zinc as a primary stabilizer for PVC in the year 2006. Moreover, "Vinyl Plus Task Force Organisation" announced that the use of Calcium-Zinc stabilzer reached to 60% of total use in European Countries, Meanwhile, Calcium and Zinc elements are non-toxic, natural and neccessary for human health.
Besides the superioritym of Calcium-Zinc based PVC pipes for health, there are technical superioties as well:

Long Time UV Protection: As Calcium-Zinc stabizers protects PVC-U pipes from UV Radiation, they have more advantage from other stabilizers. Because of that, color and mechancial properties of pipes are protected for a long time.

High Mechanical Strenght:Calcium-Zinc based pipes have higher mechanical strenght (pressure and impact) Its goodness for health has been proved by "HIFZISSIHHAN INSTUTE" which belongs to the Ministry of Health with 01802 reference protocol report.

ПВХ напорное водоснабжение Труба Без Свинца